24 Dec

Valuable donation from Telemach to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo

On the occasion of marking 10 years of existence in BiH, the company Telemach donated a modern technological laboratory to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, Department of Telecommunications. Students will have the opportunity to use the practical application of Docsis, DVB-C, cable RF access technology, HFC network access and the complete today’s CATV broadband world. The value of the donation is 40,000 KM.

“I thank Telemach for recognizing the Faculty of Electrical Engineering as a strategic partner in the field of higher education. The teaching process in the previous period was mainly based on simulation and theoretical techniques. This is now changing with the introduction of modern laboratory equipment, which represents a significant strengthening of the scientific research capacities of the Department of Telecommunications. ”- pointed out prof.dr Jasmin Velagić, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo.

According to Miralem Mehic, Head of the Department of Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, the equipment of the modern technological laboratory will be actively used in teaching the first and second cycle of studies, namely in courses: Management of telecommunications networks, Quality of service in telecommunications networks, Multimedia services, Television technologies and System Aspects in telecommunications.

Samir Šećerović, Director of the Telemach Services Department, said that the company is continuously investing in the introduction of the most modern technologies in BiH and added: “Our goal is to make all new technological achievements available to the domestic market. In addition to strategic cooperation with the ETF, we can pass it on to new generations. ”

“Since its founding, our Telemach has been a place and opportunity for young and educated Bosnians, above all hardworking, ambitious, energetic and creative people, for career development, professional advancement, as well as an innovative approach to work. I am sure that many students from ETF will join our corporation in the future, because our cooperation with the Faculty is also an excellent business opportunity for them – concluded Hajdi Mostić, President of the Board of Directors of the Telemach Foundation.

In 2020, Telemach marks a decade of business in Bosnia and Herzegovina and donates funds to 10 institutions in 10 cities in BiH. During the first decade in BiH, Telemach became the leading domestic provider of digital and analog cable television and the Internet. The company directly employs more than 650 people and is committed to the progress of the community in which it operates, through numerous actions and assistance to various social groups like this one. United Group in Bosnia and Herzegovina manages the telecommunications operator Telemach and its services EON and Total TV, television and portal N1, as well as television Nova BH.

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Telemach is currently considered the leading domestic provider of digital and analog cable television, broadband Internet services in BiH, and the largest alternative provider of fixed telephony services in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Telemach’s advanced services are always based on the most modern technologies, which in combination with innovative offers, tailored to the needs of subscribers, make a big difference and advantage over other operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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