15 Sep

Laboratory for software-defined networks procured 5G equipment

On 15th of September 2020, the successful installation of modern 5G equipment in the laboratory for software-defined networks of the Department of Telecommunications was completed. It is a 5G mobile network realized using a combination of universal programmable radiocommunication hardware and highly flexible software. The implemented 5G network is characterized by the fact that it is the first 5G standalone (SA) network in the region, ie. a stand-alone 5G network that does not require a 4G/3G/2G infrastructure to operate. Such approach reduces the cost of maintaining the network and base stations, and creates good preconditions for improving performance, increasing energy efficiency and reducing unwanted electromagnetic radiation into the environment.

This equipment will improve the teaching and research capacities of the Department of Telecommunications in the field of modern telecommunications networks.

Procurement of equipment is supported by projects:


We thank company UniBOX d.o.o. for donating 5G terminal devices!

Let’s stay connected!

UniBOX d.o.o. is a company established in 1998, resulting from a contract of representation of the world-famous manufacturer of cabinets for accommodation of communication and IT equipment RITTAL. For many years, UniBOX d.o.o. has sought to increase sales of RITTAL’s product range, through various activities, offering the customer a solution with the delivery of ordered equipment.

Building such an experience with its partners and customers, uniBOX has become a brand in the Bosnian market without which it would be difficult to imagine any solution in the performance of metal cabinets for computer or communication equipment.

Since 2006, uniBOX has continued its successful career under new management, which is expanding its activities to other industries in the field of construction, sales and construction.

The company takes great success and a new course in the sale and customization of CPE equipment for several operators in the region.
In cooperation with its vendors – partners, uniBOX equipment has become an indispensable access equipment in all homes.

We invest in employees so that we can install the correct technology for you!


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